Interdisciplinary Comprehensive Program

Cognitive Sciences

European/East Asian History

Comparative Literature


Cultural Resource Studies

Advanced Studies Program





Japanese History

Asian History

Western History

  • Special Lectures on History of Mediterranean World I: NEZU Yukio
  • Special Lectures on Western Medieval History I: TANAKA Toshiyuki
  • Archaeology
  • Study in Regional Archaeology I: ADACHI Takuro
  • Study in Archaeology of Culture Comparison I:  TBD

Japanese Linguistics/Japanese Literature

Chinese Linguistics/Chinese Literature

  • Study in History of Chinese literature I: UEDA Nozomu
  • Study in Chinese Literature II:  TBD
  • Study in Chinese Linguistics I: OTAKI Sachiko
  • Study in Chinese Linguistics III: IWATA Rei

English Linguistics/ British and American Literature

German Linguistics/German Literature

French Linguistics/French Literature


Cultural Heritages

Comparative Study of Cultures

Cultural Anthropology


  1. Faculty marked with an asterisk (*) assumes a full-time position in another division and may not be assigned as a supervisor for graduate students in the Division of Humanities. However, some exceptions may apply depending on the reasons. Please consult the student office for more details.
  2. Syllabuses are subject to change due to faculty reassignment.