The Master’s Course of an Integrated Course, Enrollment limit: 53

This course is designed to foster creative and intellectual human resources with a broad vision and a high level of specialized knowledge by employing comprehensive and multilateral approaches from various angles in the disciplines of human and socio-environmental studies.

  • Division of Humanities

    Aiming to foster the skills to address various problems related to humans, such as human behaviors, social phenomena, languages and history, by taking a creative and flexible approach, the Division of Humanities has two programs, including the specialty deepening program, which conducts studies mainly on a specific specialized domain, and the interdisciplinary comprehensive program, which conducts studies mainly on a composite domain.

  • Division of Law and Politics

    * The Division of Law and Political Science from Graduate School of Human and Socio-Environmental Studies will be reorganized into the Division of Law and Political Science (Master's Course) from the Graduate School of Law from April 2020.
Please check the following website for details. The students of the Division of Law and Politics Science study law and politics science in this division. Under the guidance of teaching advisers, students can acquire specialized knowledge and work on their master's theses while developing intellectual skills through presentations and discussions in a study group. In addition, those who studied other fields in a bachelor’s program or international students, in particular, can take courses, such as basic lectures, to acquire primary knowledge in law and political science.

  • Division of Economics

    The Division of Economics aims to develop an analysis or bring concrete measures toward a resolution of the problems faced by local communities and international society by making use of the theories and methods of economics and business science. Although it divides into three courses depending on the areas of study, any of the courses in this division actively accept international students and working adults besides students in general.

  • Division of Regional Development Studies

    The Division of Regional Development Studies aims to foster advanced specialists and researchers who possess the specialized and cross-disciplinary regional development power that is capable of providing an individual solution to today's society where it requires creating harmonious and co-existence between humans, humans and society, and humans and the environment in accordance with each regional characteristic.

  • Division of International Studies

    Amid increasing globalization of society, the Division of International Studies aims to foster human resources who possess practical foreign language proficiency and those who are capable of being active in international society with a keen interest in various problems faced by international society and different cultures while holding specialized knowledge, as well as human resources who possess affluent Japanese communication skills and those who are able to become active in international society by mastering special knowledge of Japanese language, Japanese cultures and the teaching methods, such as Japanese language teachers.