The 1st / 2nd term TSUCHIYA Junichi
(Faculty of Letters, 1993-1996 academic years)
The 3rd term FUKAYA Matsuo
(Faculty of Law,1997-1998 academic years)
The 4th term HIRADATE Michiko
(Faculty of Economic, 1999 academic year)
The 5th term SHIKANO Katsuhiko
(Faculty of Letters, 2000-2001 academic years)
The 6th term MAEDA Tatsuo
(Faculty of Law, 2002-2003 academic years)
The 7th term GOKA Kazumichi
(Faculty of Economics, 2004-2005 academic year)
The 8th term SHIBATA Masayoshi
(Faculty of Letters, 2006-2007 academic year)
The 9th / 10th term INOUE Hideo
(Faculty of Law, 2008-2011 academic year)
The 11th / 12th / 13th term KAGAMI Haruya
(Faculty of Human Sciences, 2012-2017 academic year)
The 14th / 15th term NITTA Tetsuo
(Faculty of Letters, from 2018 academic year)