Degree Requirements

Basic Science of Law Program

Each field of this primary law program assumes a role in providing a foundation of positive law through the study of the principles and history of law, as well as foreign law. Students can broaden their vision through foreign literature or historical materials with the aim to discover philosophies and truths, allowing students to experience the enjoyment of being guided by these findings.

Public and Social Law Program

The roles of this program are to interpret law involved in the government, local governments and civic life. Not only do students simply research consistency within positive law, but also it is essential for them to acquire in-depth insights into the roles of public forces, social and economic climate, civil liberties and rights.

Private Law Program

The study of civil law aims to interpret law that disciplines human relations. Under the philosophy that free activities of individuals create a more affluent society, students are required to conduct creative research to respond flexibly to the changes in society while observing the ethics of the market.

Politics Program

The study of political science covers various problems involved in politics, such as the process of policymaking by the government and local governments. In keeping with the political history, thoughts and media functions, students will discuss the ideals and reality of politics by making excellent use of scientific research methods.