Degree Requirements

The Interdisciplinary Comprehensive Program

Cognitive science, the cultural history of Europe and East Asia, comparative literature, gender studies and culture resources studies
This is a super cross-territorial program corresponding to the increasingly interdisciplinary and diversified study in recent years, which is taught by an array of faculties beyond the framework of courses and divisions. Students in this program can engage in research without being constraint by the traditional academic frameworks depending on the student’s interest.

The Specialty Deepening Program

Philosophy, psychology, sociology, geography, Japanese history studies, Oriental history studies, Western history studies, archeology, Japanese language literature studies, Chinese language literature studies, English language American-British literature studies, German language literature studies, French language literature studies, linguistics, cultural heritage studies, comparative culture studies and cultural anthropology
This program covers 17 academic areas from philosophy to cultural anthropology, and classes are taught in line with the curriculum of each academic field, allowing students to select a specific area of expertise to deepen their studies depending on the interest of each student.