Division of Human and Socio-Environmental Studies (Intake Limit: 12)

The Doctoral Course cultivates teaching and research skills in cutting edge research projects in keeping with the fundamental specialist insights related to the human and socio-environment developed while attempting the Master’s Course. The aim of the Doctoral Course is development of highly specialized professionals who have the research skills requisite to work as university lecturers and researchers at private think tanks etc., as well as businesses and local governments. Degrees awarded are as follows: Doctorate in Social Environment, Doctorate in Literature, Doctorate in Law, Doctorate in Economics, and Doctorate in Science.

The Ideal Doctoral Candidate

The aim of the Doctoral Course is to develop university teaching staff, researchers, and highly specialized personnel who are extremely creative and can flourish in the multidisciplinary field that is the human and socio-environment. Therefore, the students that we require should not only possess a high level of specialist knowledge as demanded by traditional academic disciplines but also have the courage to move even further in cutting edge research that makes full use of the perspectives of interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity. In particular, since Human and Socio-Environmental Studies deal with education and research in a variety of fields that target “cultural environment,” “social environment,” and “human beings themselves,” what is required from the students who study here more than anything is the attitude of openness towards other people, respect for different cultures, an active interest in the above, a flexible way of thinking about unfamiliar phenomena, and a strong sense of logic.

  • Humanities Course

    In this course students will focus on studying the field of cultural science including human sciences, education, history, language/literature, and cultural resources. In addition, students will conduct overall research in comprehensive areas and related fields with the aim to gain the ability to find and solve new problems for any target and to build intelligence flexible enough to break into new fields. To challenge past assumptions and the status quo, and to drastically change people’s way of thinking, we provide various subjects to students and assist them in advancing innovative and cross-cutting research.

  • Law and Politics Course

    Students will study basic, public, social, and civil law as well as politics. The study of basic law has the role of building a foundation of positive law through research on the concepts of law, history, foreign laws, and so on. The study of public and social law is for understanding interpretations of the law as related to the nation, local governments, and civic life. The study of civil law has the task of understanding interpretations of law that discipline human environments. In politics, students look at both the ideal and the reality of politics making full use of scientific examinations along with an understanding of the history of politics, philosophy, and the functions of media. Kanazawa University is home to professors of the various fields mentioned above. Therefore, using what they have achieved in each specialized field, graduate students are expected to conduct their own creative studies to widen their horizons and challenge the status quo within the academic community and actual practice.