Economic Theory and Policy

  • Special Study on Contemporary Capitalism: SEO Takashi
  • 経済変動論特論
  • Special Study on Microeconomic Theory: MAEDA Takashi
  • Special Study on Macroeconomic Theory: OHKI Kazuyoshi

  • Special Study on Economic Statistics: HOSHINO Nobuaki
  • 金融経済特論 ENYA, Masahiro
  • Special Study on Banking and Financial System: KATO Minehiro
  • Special Study on Regional Economics: SAMUTA Hikaru
  • Special Study on Local Public Finance: TAKEDA Kimiko
  • Special Study on Social Overhead Capital: IKARIYAMA Hiroshi
  • Special Study on Household Economics:
  • Special Study on Social Security: * MURAKAMI Shinji
  • Special Study on Welfare, Sports and Wellness Society:
  • Special Study on Social Welfare: * MORIYAMA Osamu
  • 社会政策特論 * OZAWA, Yuka
  • 労働政策特論 * OZAWA, Yuka
  • Special Study on Environmental Economics: ICHIHARA Akane

The Global Community and Economics

Management Information


  1. Depending on the content of research plans submitted upon enrollment, students may request a different faculty member as a supervisor from the desired division or course.
  2. Faculty members marked with an asterisk (*) may not be assigned as a supervisor for graduate students in the Division of Economics.
  3. Syllabuses are subject to change due to faculty reassignment.